It's Challenging to Start a Fitness Journey, Build Muscle & Lose Fat

I completely understand how difficult it can be to start working out and stick with it, especially with all the BS on the internet. I’ve been there myself.

Here's My Journey

Hello! My name is Dennis Kiplimo, a Nurse and a fitness enthusiast.


I started working out somewhat unexpectedly during the COVID-19 period, a time when the economy shut down, and everything shifted online.

Like many, I gained unwanted weight because of the new sedentary lifestyle and knew I had to take action.

Initially, my goal was simple: get fit and shed some of the weight I had gained. So, I started with home workouts, but as gyms reopened, I bought a gym membership and continued to work out.

As I got leaner, my focus shifted from merely losing weight to building muscle. The journey was rewarding—I gained massive amounts of muscle and learned a lot in the process.

Feeling the urge to share the knowledge, I took to social media. Eventually, I launched my Medium blog to write about health and fitness, and in late 2023, I started the website

Since 2020, I’ve been actively working out, gaining a deep understanding of the struggles and challenges many face on this journey. 

Now I wanna share it with you.